It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Whether in the underground, at work or in politics – you can only win by screaming louder, putting your foot down and being ruthlessly competitive. You have to assert yourself and look out for your interests in order to be successful. But in life, not everybody can win. There are also losers.

A young band from Southern Germany has committed itself to screaming louder and to delivering distinctive, powerful riffs. Their intention? By combining metal and hardcore in an unconventional way, VOID OF ANIMUS does not only want to offer a mind-blowing music experience. The band also wants to draw attention to the great injustices society puts up with every day. "We want to promote tolerance," singer René Müller and his colleagues Johannes Schultheiß, Stefan Pschenitza, Matthias Behringer and Tobias Guggenmos, all in their mid twenties, shout out loud. After different band projects in the past, these five guys from Augsburg founded the band in 2014 to rock the country’s stages with fresh energy, new ideas, a professional team and, above all, new music. Please welcome to the stage: VOID OF ANIMUS!

by Tanja Selder

Void of Animus are

René Müller - Vocals
Matthias Behringer - Vocals/Guitar
Stefan Pschenitza - Guitar
Johannes Schultheiß - Bass
Tobias Guggenmos - Drums

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