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November 16, 2017



  1. Cyclone Void of Animus 5:27

Verse 1
Countless times you stood in front of the unleashed ocean
which inherented you
Hundreds of times you have seen the floods
from up there
from up there
The wind is dragging on your Constancy, on the Cliffs of your mind
Realize your purpose, and bury the sea of despair in thee.
And the sun will break through,
Your Strain is just as great as your grief.
Reject your struggle against the past.
Become a man and face the cyclone in you.
Verse 2
Awake, and Arise from the abyss
Seek the Confidence in your own, even if it needs a fall.
Awake an crest the height of wisdom
To leave everything behind you what tears you back.
You must pull the Strings of conversion
Verse 3
The storm strikes against your inner walls, he tries to refute everything.
Because when you´re able to see, you recognize yourself in the heart of the storm.
Conciliate the Fray
between your Filial fury and you,
Conciliate the Fray
to carry your, path forward.